Sketching daily. A beginning…

I scribble, sketch and doodle all the time but my doodles are most likely to turn into human figures, usually women. Some of it for my painting, some just as story-telling for my almost-5 year old.
27 June 201128 June 2011. Niloufer WadiaI wouldn’t go so far as to call this ‘art journalling’, right now I’ll settle for calling it my daily sketch.

All that art journal surfing just may have made an impact on me, but really it’s a bit early to talk. It’s just that, perhaps if I put a sketch up here every now and then, I may be forced to do more. Right now these are terribly tentative sketches – directly with a pen; pencil is my thing. And believe me, it requires a lot of guts to even post these!

As I mentioned before, there’s no doubt the daily sketching makes you search for details in the mundane. In fact, I keep looking around me and thinking, there’s nothing to sketch here! which obviously isn’t true.

Yesterday I sketched the glass jar with money plants that I have hanging on my balcony. And this morning, I sketched two Indian Bulbuls and it felt so tentative and unsure that it was scary for someone who’s been drawing and painting for years! In fact, I’m forced to admit that the only thing the clinches the fact that they are birds at all is that they’re perched on a tree. Sigh.

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4 Responses to Sketching daily. A beginning…

  1. You do beautiful work! You are obviously an artist, these are wonderful images, so in my probably never-to-be-humble opinion, you have every right to call this an art journal, or whatever you like! (Though my personal definition, longer to write, is better expressed by “keeping an artist’s journal!)

  2. Tee Thompson says:

    You certainly qualify as an artist in my book too. Honey these are amazing and beautiful. My definition of an art journal is the place you doodle, sketch, scribble, paint, write, do studies or even full blown works of art. Whatever you put in your journal is perfect and it’s still an art journal: a record of where you are emotionally, physically and/0r artistically today, right now.

    Love it

  3. Ruca Cao says:

    Shame on you for being so tentative! Your work is terrific. Lots of life, character, confident lines, great colour, and your birds are definitely birds. I love the way the one on the right is looking below at something. It’s caught her curiosity and that then catches mine. So let’s see more!

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