Just dropping in to upload a few recent sketches. Well, hardly recent, some from way back in February!
10-1-sketching I did this couple of ‘Money plant’ sketches, and realised how many money plants I have all over the house, in pots, and bottles, and flasks and what not. I love plants but I’m really not much of a green thumb, and these hardy little creepers, take root and survive almost in spite of me. So I decided to do the whole lot.
Wishful thinking! Below is only the second I managed so far.
And this is the little drawing book small enough to carry in my handbag, and a few sketches done in a neighboring park and a near-by breakfast cafe. I rather like the trees silhouette. It was well past sunset and I was doing this by lamp-light, which doesn’t actually come across I know, but I do like it.
Last, just some studies of bright little footwear outside the karate class in the same handy little book. 10-4-sketches
I’m so happy when I’m sketching! Why don’t I try to do more?

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2 Responses to Sketchbook

  1. Maylanie says:

    I’m always curious to see what’s inside everyone’s sketchbook. Wonderful sketches! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Riti says:

    Lovely sketch book, you inspire me to start mine :) keep it up !

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