Art Journaling. For someone else.

art journal - niloufer wadiaIn the last fortnight, I’ve had a very interesting assignment.
Out of the blue, a young woman called, saying she’d seen my art journaling sketches on FaceBook, and that she loved them. Would I create a 12-page art journal for her to gift her husband on their first anniversary?

art journal. niloufer wadiaI was somewhat taken aback. At first it sounded like a strange request. Lots of us ‘artists’ like to think we have the premium on creativity. My opinion is, we just have an acceptable form to show off our creativity in. To my mind, here was an idea for a really ‘creative’ gift. In effect what this lady was saying is “I may not be able to draw and paint,” (and actually I believe that anyone CAN draw and paint), “but if I could, I’d have had an art journal that looks like this; so now, you bring it to life for me.” She made a very organised Power Point presentation, explained in detail each incident she’d chosen to depict in that first special year, shared photos, moods and reference pictures off the net. We talked every day. She’s crafted almost every word visible on the page, her feelings from her heart, and with a great sense of humour.

art journal. niloufer wadiaOnce I started thinking about the job, though it was very rushed, I actually had a great time doing it. For one, I was making time for art journaling, because it had gotten converted into ‘work’. Not all was sketching, there was some cartooning added too to bring out a situation rather than a setting. Secondly, I have tried to make it a personal rule not to draw from photos even though I rarely sketch outdoors, but now I had permission to. And lastly, I have to admit, the pages from her life, were lots more interesting than mine!

I have her permission to share. Here are just a few of the pages; most are too personal to her and her husband. Some, I’ve blurred the text. More images here.

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