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Here’s another fortnight, or is it more like a month of art journaling. Well, let’s just say, I’m sketchingdoing way more than I’ve done in over a decade, and I’m loving it. Often I work on the same page or same drawing over 2-3 days. Some days I just don’t have the time. And of course, not everything I do is here, not all of it is worth showing off :). I also noticed, my scans aren’t so great this time, not sure where I went wrong..Lot’s of excessive color.
pencil sketches The first one was fountain pen and kiddie neon watercolor markers, but I rather like the effect. Alongside are a few pencil sketches, people, mom, dad, T. Even when they don’t know they’re being sketched the fidget like crazy! Again, because I love drawing people anyway, I forget to actually LOOK when I’m working, and of course, my hands and feet suck! pen and ink sketches
pen and ink sketches Below are the guys in the office. It was pouring outside and so beautiful, and I just had to leave the computer and go sit out on the balcony for a bit. They were blissfully unaware that I was sketching, but anyone who says sitting in front of the computer is sedentary… think again, the guy in the foreground wriggled and squirmed, and rotated and got up for something or the other about a dozen times in the 20 minutes or so I took over this. pen and kin, watercolor sketch This is a German silver set. We light an oil lamp (which is inside that dome-shaped thing) on special days, and the charcoal on the black platter in the foreground is burnt and rotated round the home, all the while drizzling with sandalwood powder to smoke a bit.
ganesha sketch
Before I discovered art journaling, this is what I used my sketchbooks for, thinking out paintings. Though here I’ve added a ballpoint sketch of how it finally looked on the easel amoung my other art things. This is for dear friends, a dentist couple who have just opened their new clinic. Lord Ganesha is the God of new beginnings, and though usually very resplendent and colorful, the clinic is all beige and black, with just a few accent colors, this was not meant to stand out particularly, just blend in tastefully. To see how it turned out, see here.
watercolor sketches
The one on the left is inspired by the wonderful watercolorists I’ve been admiring all over the art journaling sites but especially in this group here. So I was determined not give in to “touching up” with color pencils or ink, and I finally succeeded and am rather thrilled with it – I haven’t done a pure watercolor in years. I’d scribbled the quote there weeks earlier, and I just thought this view suited it perfectly. The vase opposite is fountain pen and watercolor pencil, but coloring on the paper and then picking color up with a watercolor brush, – the existence of which I wasn’t aware 2 months ago! Anyhow that was done much before, as you’ll notice not all the pages are used in sequence.
ink pen and watercolor wash I then decided I was beginning to get too hung up on perfection, so these are literally 7 minutes for all three sketches, this morning. She was just stirring. Yes, I really do have deep orange curtains, lovely in a grey monsoon. That wash was added later, of course, couldn’t resist.
watercolor sketch And a final watercolor. Ummm… no comment really, just I think, the next thing I really need to concentrate on is laying out things on the page better. I’ve been cutting off the tops of things too much, and being stuck with inches of white at the bottom.

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4 Responses to Art Journaling

  1. These are all WONDERFUL!!!! Love your style!

  2. Ruca says:

    Lovely to see this collection of your latest journaling. You’re doing beautiful work in a great variety of media. Keep it up!

  3. leena says:

    lovvve your work… great style!

  4. Riti says:

    super – duper ! so fresh ! :)

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