Sketches from the last fortnight

The art journal bug has bitten me good and proper. If I’m not sketching something new I’m ‘beautifying’ and shading, or adding comments. I’ve been at it all the time, so much so 15-julythat my 5 year old suddenly threw a tantrum last night saying “stop drawing!” she was “irritated” by my drawing book. Not sure what brought that on, but well, that’s really too bad sweetheart!

I finally gave into temptation about a fortnight back and ordered Cathy Johnson’s book from Amazon. Another one too, but more about that later. I received my book yesterday and I was thrilled, not just because it came so early, but because it fulfills every promise in all the reviews I’ve read. If you’ve scanned her site and her FaceBook page in the way I have, a lot of it looks familiar, but it’s still worth it. Plus, there’s the work of a lot of other artists incorporated. I had guests that evening, and couldn’t touch the package till they were gone. But once they left, I just dumped everything in the kitchen sink and tore it open. 15 pages in I thought I’d go a little crazy with the choices in my head – jump off the sofa and get my sketchbook and sketch something, anything. Or just keep reading. I did bits of both, until my eyes shut.

Here’s this last fortnight’s collection.sketches
We had a school reunion and these were the mementos planned. My watercolor work could do with a little more freshness and looseness.
sketches karate The first time I dared take the sketchbook out in public. Open air karate classes. Frankly too much movement, I got a little fed up when I couldn’t catch a complete pose. Some of this is just guesswork. And no one gave me a second glance.
sketches - plants The lower sketches were made on my mother’s balcony and I had no coloring material on hand except my daughter’s kiddie wax crayons and her few battered color pencils, but I really love the impressionist effect of the Wandering Jew. I couldn’t actually believe my mom that that’s what they were called. The threesome on top were added many days later, and I’m very pleased with them, but then I love those antique spice jars!
sketches - Niloufer Birthday party time! So much left to do and yet I absolutely had to stop to do these “going-home-favors”. I guess that’s what you call a new addiction! I hope it lasts. I loved the gleam on the curves of the bright plastic. I don’t think I’ve really captured it, but…!
sketchbook - Niloufer Wadia The other view from my balcony – one I prefer not to look at, and leftovers from the party, not counting what’s still in the ‘fridge!

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10 Responses to Sketches from the last fortnight

  1. What wonderful, colorful, delightful work! I’m so glad you posted…

  2. Laure says:

    It is funny how we as the creator see the flaws, but as the observer we see only beauty. Love the freshness of your sketches!

  3. Becky says:

    Great sketches! Loved the reunion planning sketch. Interesting bags, but I’m not familiar w/ them. Do you have a link where I might find similiar bags? I notice they are all tagged–were your friends at the reunion lucky recipients? I’ll be visiting your site again! (Found you through FB Artist Workshop Journal).

    • admin says:

      These are handmade by local women from low-economy backgrounds, in this case for a classmates mother who sells them and looks after them. Just simple slings, good for a little cash, a phone and keys while I’m out on a walk. I have also used them under my clothes as passport holders! The thing about these is they were made from “khann”. This is the closest image I can find :) though ours weren’t from there.

  4. By the way, I had to giggle about the “a lot of it looks familiar” comment! I share TOO much, I guess…and they are all examples from my journals, in the book and on Flickr, etc., which is what they wanted. That’s one reason I’m so pleased to have so much from the other wonderful artists, though…

  5. These are all just wonderful!!!!

  6. Ruca Cao says:

    Niloufer, I’m so glad you overcame your earlier doubts about showing more of your work and doing some journaling! What you’re doing is wonderful and so much fun for us to see.

  7. Thank you very much for this article! This information was very usefull for me=)

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