Illustration Friday – Puzzled

Ok, I’m going to cheat here.
Unless I come up with something mind-blowing, this is my entry for the week, – an old illustration that’s up at Istockphoto. It is called The Puzzled Cook. She can’t figure out what ingredient is missing, but it’s not tasting quite right. digital art- Niloufer
I guess 1 reason for being a little lost on this week subject, is that my entry last week, included PUZZLED too.
I know, this defeats my stated purpose – doing at least 1 new piece of art every week… Ah, well, it’s only Monday :)

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5 Responses to Illustration Friday – Puzzled

  1. Maylanie says:

    It goes very well with IF’s topic! It’s a very lovely illustration!

  2. Cindy D. says:

    Wonderful style. Lovely details and really cool framing. Did you do your second one yet? 😛

  3. Really, a beautifully rendered illustration! Her eyes are captivating & I too like the bubbling pot! The bold, vibrant colors really work here! And its true—you did do puzzled last week as well!! Liked that one, too!

  4. Bernadete says:

    nicely explained. it’s indeed an art to stop new visitors with your attractive writing style. truly impressive and nice information. thanks for sharing.

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