Illustrating a map

Yipppeee! I made it! Ever since I set eyes on and it’s sister site, I’ve been ga-ga about them, and I’ve wanted to be part of both map drawing sites. In fact I’ve given in to temptation and pre-ordered the book. I couldn’t resist, it’s like a portfolio of over a 100 gifted artists’ styles, AND it has recipes. It’s one of those things, ‘I’d love to, I must, I must, I shall…” that never happen because there’s always something more important to be done.

Well, luckily for me, had a competition for their map illustrations and like all good competitions that came with a deadline. Thanks to my advertising background I guess, I can only work to deadline, so suddenly there was no ‘maybe soon’ to this. It just had to be done! So I sat hours past midnight over 2 days and managed this just in time! Whether it wins anything, – WOW, that would be totally awesome! – is by the way, but I’m glad I got it done, and I’m fairly pleased with the outcome. I must say though, that drawing a map was a lot harder than I thought it would be, because of the size and possibly since I chose to hand-draw in pen and ink, rather than in a digital style.

Now to get down to another, probably a recipe this time, I’ve got heaps of scribbles done already. :) I guess I only need another deadline.

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One Response to Illustrating a map

  1. Vrishali says:

    Dear Niloufer,
    Saw the map… its very nicely done.
    We would love to use the map in one of the brochures we are doing for a client of ours.
    Do let us know if you would be interested in selling the image to us. We can work out the usage deal as per your comfort level!

    we are kind off in a hurry. Please let us know at the earliest.

    warm regards,

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