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Niloufer Wadia - acrylics on canvasIt’s been a while now since the Serendipity event, haven’t had time to post, but it was good to me. I got a few ‘orders’ right off from the lovely ladies who attended. Now, I hate ‘commissions’, they’re SCARY to me, because they smell suspiciously of my advertising days, – deadlines and clients waiting at the other end, already conjuring images of the undone painting in their heads. Exactly what I ran away from.
On the other hand, I’m not at all pleased to discover for myself, that all those years in advertising created this person with a mythical aura of efficiency, who actually never seems to be able to get down to real work without the eleventh hour looming! :( What shall I say, working on my own is TOUGH, so many wonderful distractions.

However, this wasn’t meant to be a grumble post. It’s actually a month when I’ve been very hard working.

Here’s some of the work that was an immediate fallout of the serendipity event… 3 little 1x1ft paintings to add to what I like to call my Zenana Series, to make up a set for a lovely lady who had bought 2 of them at the event. She bought 2 of the next 3, and the last is now reserved.
There’s three much larger works sitting half finished that are just waiting to be nudged along to a close by some deadline or the other. Sigh.

More when they’re done!

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