Getty Images now let’s you use their photos and art for free!

For those who haven’t heard already, here’s good news for bloggers / FaceBookers and the like. Getty Images – the “richest image search photo library online providing high-resolution royalty-free images, editorial stock photos, vector art, video clips and stock music licensing” has thrown open a huge percentage of its images for FREE use as long as there’s no direct commercial usage. Like Craig Peters, a business development exec at Getty Images said, images were being used without licence all over the vast internet anyway! The way I see it, it’s a great move, and such a relief for those of us who really were bothered about not infringing on other people’s copyright. What’s more, it’s really easy to use, you don’t even need to sign in.
More details here if you’re interested.

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Illustrated Calendar

I’ve been doing so few vector stock illustrations that I set myself a task to do a calendar. At least one per month following the Zodiac signs. I sure hope I get till December! Right now I’m having fun with these more simplified graphic forms. They’re also available as images without the dates of course. Zodiac sign calendar ©Niloufer

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Royalty-Free Vector illustration update

Just stopping by to add some updates to my vector illustrations. Lately I’ve been doing different stuff. ‘Bored’ wouldn’t be quite the word, but my usual style – which is sometimes

Vector Illustrations ©Nloufer available at

Illustrations ©Nloufer available at

rather complex, is a bit exhausting. It also required me to set aside work and fully concentrate and lately I just haven’t had the time. So temporarily, I’m just experimenting. I honestly just start without much thought, or scan in a doodle and work with it. The curvy lady under the sun umbrella is an example of how a wavy doodle became a nice simplified graphic. And the top two large ladies were done just to build on the series. Here are a few. Comments are always welcome.
All of them are of course, available Royalty-free at Istockphoto as usual.

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Vector Illustration banner

Illustration by Niloufer for Some recently commissioned work by 2 lovely ladies – life coaches, who’ll teach you how to eat right (among other things). You can see their website here.

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Durga. From 2009 to 2013

Durga - watercolor - Niloufer Wadia

The original watercolor sketch ©Niloufer Wadia

Finished much behind schedule, but finally done. And I’m quite happy with the outcome.
As I’d mentioned I had a long pending commission from a dear friend for a painting. The only ‘brief’ required that should take its starting inspiration from an old watercolor sketch that she loved. I hoped to finish it by Dussera, the festival of marigolds, but well, sigh…my Durga-devi entered with Goddess Laxmi instead, in time for Diwali. I was quite unsure what I’d be doing when I started – the
Durga-devi - Niloufer Wadia

Durga - acrylics on Canvas - 4 years later

watercolor is less than 9 x 6 inches, but as it happens I really like how it turned out. And the new owner? I think she’s rather thrilled too, which is after all what really makes it worthwhile.
Let me know what you think of the metamorphosis? :)

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Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle is for the 216th anniversary of the 1st parachute jump. Cute and enchanting! And I only realized because I was waiting to ‘Print Screen’ various segments, that each time I refreshed it the parachute landing was different! I’d have never thought to just watch it more than once otherwise. These Google guys are really something! I saw at least four different ending. Do try!

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A little bragging…

The things that give me thrills…! This time it’s two of my illustrations on the October ‘Fuel’ – the Creative Resources for iStock Contributors. Considering that my vector creation has so slowed down lately, I should use this as a reminder and give myself a boost!Niloufer Wadia Fuel - Creative Resources for iStock Contributors — October 10, 2013

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