The Comic Project

Yes, I know; I don’t post for ages, and then I say I was sooooo busy. But what to do, it’s true again. Verrrry busy, a little sick, and with the added bonanza of a huge tooth-ache. Anyway, that’s all by the way. Fact is, very exciting things are happening and I should be doing them instead of blogging about them, but sigh, I just wanted to stop by and blow my trumpet a bit.
Way back in June, I got a mail from telling me about a cool concept they’d come up with, and asking if I’d participate. The concept – To create a comic book with each page illustrated by a different illustrator. The illustrators. Just 10. Wow! I mean, how could I say no. It’s not like I was doing anything else that couldn’t be put of, like visiting Mars or getting married. Or something. :)
Many mails back and forth later, here it is! You can read more here
Comic Project
Did you read how they describe it? This Summer on Feast, 10 brilliant illustrators from across the globe will attempt to create a kick-ass comic with your help. :)
This is how it worked. At Comic-Con, people were asked through a zany survey to pick the characters for this story. This is what turned up.
Genre: Science Fiction. Hero- Photographer. Villain- Vegan Hipster. Dilemma- Creativity being sucked from people’s brains. Love interest- Meter Maid. Weird, huh?

Well, 4 pages are up for viewing so far; you absolutely must check out how well the different styles come together! All in all, it’s a bit odd that I was even asked, because my portfolio on istockphoto is not cartoony at all. But hey, who’s complaining?
My 4 days of work have begun last night! Bye, back to the drawing board. More soon.

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