Royalty-Free Vector illustration update

Just stopping by to add some updates to my vector illustrations. Lately I’ve been doing different stuff. ‘Bored’ wouldn’t be quite the word, but my usual style – which is sometimes

Vector Illustrations ©Nloufer available at

Illustrations ©Nloufer available at

rather complex, is a bit exhausting. It also required me to set aside work and fully concentrate and lately I just haven’t had the time. So temporarily, I’m just experimenting. I honestly just start without much thought, or scan in a doodle and work with it. The curvy lady under the sun umbrella is an example of how a wavy doodle became a nice simplified graphic. And the top two large ladies were done just to build on the series. Here are a few. Comments are always welcome.
All of them are of course, available Royalty-free at Istockphoto as usual.

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