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Another image approved over the weekend. Which makes it just 4 in April so far. As opposed to 22 planned. Ha, ha, ha, ha!! It’s is a re-created version of this one actually. Chemistry TeacherI get a huge thrill out of seeing how many different images I can get out of the same basic position of head, arms and hands, – and I don’t just mean hair color changes and color scheme. I used to think it was ‘cheating’ or ‘short-cutting’ but I’ve come to see it requires quite a bit of creativity in its own right, and takes me almost as long. Except of course, for the time saved on the hands, :) o God! hands take me forever! When will I learn to do beautiful, graceful hands at the first go?! I think I’m going to try 1 more version of her BEFORE the end of the month. Let’s see…

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