MicroStock Portfolio for June

Not a great month for me at istockphoto.com
I did precisely 2 and a half new image uploads. Half because 1 is an adaptation of another. Sigh. I did say 10 a months, so this is a terrible fail.

However, I haven’t been entirely lazy. I’ve been commissioned to do a weekly cartoon cartoon strip strip for the intranet of an IT company. Don’t really think I should post the strips here, but here is some of the kind of work. More importantly, it struck me while doing this how easily and how much I enjoyed creating characters like this; the chemistbig nosed and bobbled eyed. I’ve done them for years, little doodles and scribbles, though I’m no caricaturists by any shot.
So this months uploads are in a similar style. Lot’s more work and detail of course.

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3 Responses to MicroStock Portfolio for June

  1. Anjali says:

    Hi Niloufer,
    I really like your stuff (and a fan of the late Mr Husain!) I’m about to launch a website and I think your artwork would add value to the overall look and feel of my website. I was wondering how you work and how we would be able to incorporate some of your art work and also what the cost would be.
    As the name suggests, I’m looking for some trendy/funky stuff. My website will be selling Indian garments online. Please checkout ”anjalis boutique” on Facebook.
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Kind Regards

  2. Odessa says:

    Good article. Its realy nice. More info help me.

  3. Eva Eytchison says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience here. I really appreciate it.

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