Adding to vector

There’s been a lull in the work flow, so after months, I’ve been back to doing more vectors for my portfolio. I’ve realised that one of the biggest thrills I get after creating an image, is to change it into another image, that’s distinctly different. I don’t mean, change ethnicity, and clothes or background. Sure I do that – the pretty bespectacled architect gets more funky clothes, colors and cloth samplers and paints to become a designer, but here, I mean, really change it. See if you can see how this basic lady, changed from one image to another :) And I already have an idea of how to take the Girl in the Cafe to the next illustration! Hope I actually get down to it! I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, I lot of jobs I’ve been doing lately are “I like so-and-so image, but it’s not exactly right for me, can you re-do it with my specifications?” Sure I can. And right now, it’s multi-taskers that are winning out. I guess we all need help with doing too much at once!

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