Illustration Friday – Suspend

Haven’t posted in ages, and haven’t done an Illustration Friday in a while either. But this illustration, part of an as yet fantasy project was just so perfect for this week’s word SUSPEND, that I had to take a break and come here to post.Illustration Friday - Suspend
Medium – Watercolor, Pen & ink, Color Pencils, Photoshop, CorelDraw

There! done. I should log out right off, but a short note on what I’ve been doing.
– Discovery – creating background textures. That’s a first for me… in the past I always saw backgrounds as boring. Now I’m beginning to be excited by them.
– Sketching. I’ve taken on a 75 sketches in 75 days Challenge, but truth be told, I’m lagging behind sadly. A learning, sketching doesn’t work to that kind of deadline. At least for me.
– Nursing my mom who broke her arm. Thank you, yes, she’s fine now.
– Painting. Was part of two exhibitions in Mid June.
– A few other not very inspiring jobs, but well, that’s life.
– Surfing. The net that is. Discovering wonderful artists and inspiring techniqes

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2 Responses to Illustration Friday – Suspend

  1. S. D. Brown says:

    Very magical, I love it!

  2. hedwig says:

    Wow! suspending in the air like the birds! Your figurine looks so happily surprised. I like the background. The mixture of rough and polished parts, the shadow. There is a lot of depth. The detailed head with the curly hair has great effect. It really comes forward.

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