Some great Illustrators

It’s been a while since I posted about another illustrator. Not that I haven’t found any. Far, far from it. In fact they’re everywhere, so incredibly brilliant, it’s humbling. And ever since I’ve gotten addicted to Pinterest, it works both ways. I keep finding new work to ogle, and I use those wonderful boards to pin up and remember all the ones I’ve seen. In a way, this blog was a way to keep them at hand for ready reference, and now Pinterest does, I admit a much better job. Here‘s my (very small) collection so far.
Another place I spend hours these days is Illustration Friday, of course. Another ready-reckoner of wonderful artists.
Well here are two that I love presently. They’re both much published illustrators of children’s books. The first is Juana Martinez-Neal. Please visit her website for much more wonderful work.Children's Book Illustration

The other is Roberta Baird. I am seriously envious of artists who draw animals so darn easily! I think I’ve said that before. Well, this is her website, enjoy! Children's Book Illustration

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