Mario de Miranda – Cartoonist

This is a tribute to my favourite cartoonist illustrator. Mario de Miranda is a class apart, and I’ve followed and collected his work for over 20 years.
He’s known largely as a cartoonist, but I think his illustrations are the really brilliant side of his art. A couple of years back a book was published of his art that really unveils his complete work, and his home state Goa has a complete museum dedicated to his art.
He started out creating cartoons for newspapers, and illustrating books, but later was invited round the world to illustrate on site in his very on inimitable style. Mario de Miranda
To quote from the book, “…To understand what Mario is saying to us through his drawings we have to understand his premise, which is that of the detached observer, the outsider looking in, the artist passing by… It is this attitude …which lends his drawings a clarity, sharpness and integrity unsullied by ill-digested ideology or spurious subjectivity. Mario takes no sides, has no axe to grind; he records with sympathy and accuracy the scene as he sees it. I believe Mario’s forte is trivia. For what else is a great drawing but an accumulation of trivia judiciously and harmoniously composed?…”
Check out his work, I really don’t need to say more.

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2 Responses to Mario de Miranda – Cartoonist

  1. Abhishek Sathe says:

    I have always been a huge fan of Mario and his work. He is an exceptionally amazing artist. Who not only portrait the world through his sight but has given us some remarkable memories which we will cherish for years to come :)

  2. Riti says:

    yes, he is most under-rated ! Most favourite of ALL times ! :)

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