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I came upon this site just a week back, and every now and then I keep coming back for more. The Behance Network calls itself the “Creative Professional Platform” and truly covers a huge range of fields, from advertising, branding and cinematography to costume design, glass blowing and poetry; it certainly looks like he ultimate portfolio site for people looking to put their work on show. They say “Behance gets millions of visitors every month, which means amazing opportunities to find you.” True or not, its a wonderful place to see what people are creating. So far I haven’t even got through the illustration section and the cartooning section! Each portfolio is better than the one before, you just don’t want to move on, and yet how can you not?

I’ve put some images here but really they are no indication of the wealth on the site! They just happen to be the first few I found and loved. There are Moleskine diary sketches – yes, my present craze, info-graphics, quirky fairytale illustrations and editorial cartoons. Watercolor, digital art, pencil and pen and ink. Mostly it’s a wide variety of styles and a huge amount of imagination and creativity involved!

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