Happy Birthday, Tintin!

Tintin is 83 years old today.
I’m presuming anyone with ANY interest at all in illustration, not to mention cartooning and comic books, knows who I’m talking about.
This is just scanned from the Cigars of the Pharaohs currently lying on my desk, I didn’t even have to get up! Battered and rebound, my childhood collection is my ready reckoner for when some action or position in my cartoon just won’t come right. This is just page 2 and look how much has happened!
Tintin, boy reporter / detective is a fictional character in the series of classic Belgian comic books written and illustrated by Hergé. He’s an adventurer who travels around the world with his dog Snowy, and bumps into mystery at the drop of a hat. The comic books are peppered with interesting characters, Professor Calculus, Captain Haddock and the Thomson twins, apart from all the other minor, beautifully illustrated characters that make up Hergé’s incredible stories.

Happy Bithday to you Tintin! Stay forever young.

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