Food Artist

I haven’t showcased another artist’s work for quite a while. Not, mind you, for lack of finding artists to admire and envy. Sometimes, most times, it’s just easier to while away time on the internet rather than actually do anything concrete; from one site to another, from one enchanting link or the next. Well here’s so awesome work I found via Pinterest. Food art by Alya Mark. The problem of course is that it’s not English (again) and I’m Alya Mark - Food and funhaving a really jolly time figuring out the weird Google translations. But the important part, the words embedded in the illustrations, of course remain enticingly just out of reach – unreadable. Ahh, well. A little guesswork, a lot of imagination, but the main thing of course, is the art. I love the lines, fine and yet… well frolicking! Love the elegance, clean lines and then the sudden and visible movement – mixing, stirring, whizzing, you can actually see it.

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