Brenda Swenson

Brenda SwensonOne of the wonderful artists whose work I absolutely love in the Art Journaling Group I’m part of in FaceBook, is Brenda Swenson. She’s a watercolorist and art journalist, has authored books on the subjects – Keeping a Watercolor Sketchbook (Award of Excellence Finalist) and Steps to Success in Watercolor, and she’s a teacher who takes workshop groups to all the exotic, scenic locations you can possibly think of – South of France, Italy and on and on… with all the quaint architecture… Well, yes, I just did a currency conversion and I won’t be going this year :) !
I’d been seeing her work now and then, within the group of course, but came across her blog only today and it’s mind-blowing. In fact I can’t imagine how I missed it. Do check out her blog. The only problem I have with it is some images are too small to really study, and, yes I know I should mind my own business, but the grey background just doesn’t set them off.
I’ve taken the liberty to show some of her work journaling Two are from her journals of course, and the pomergranate is in a style she calls ‘negative painting’. More here for those interested. Do check it all out.
Oh wait. This is her website, and that’s even more eye-candy!

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  1. Xavier says:

    Great post, really enjoyed it!
    — Xavier

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