Freddie Mercury

I just had to mention today’s Google Doodle, a tribute to Freddie Mercury almost as fabulous as the person it’s a tribute to. Illustrations and animations of the man with visuals from his song “Don’t Stop Me Now” play against the the Google logo set as a backdrop on the stage of the animated concert.
Freddie Mercury

Born on the 5th of September, 1946 in Stone Town, Zanzibar, he is best known as being lead vocalist for British band, Queen. He was a singer and song writer. He spent the bulk of his childhood in India, went to St. Peter’s School at the age of 8 and completed his education at St. Mary’s school. When he was 17, he moved with his family to the United Kingdom and in 1970, he, Brian May and Roger Taylor formed the band, Queen.

If you were a Queen fan, and even if you aren’t just turn those speakers up on high and enjoy!
Happy birthday Freddie!

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