Food Sketching. At work!

I’ve been at work on this for a couple of weeks now, but not wanted to mention it till I actually saw this in print (I can’t say how long the link will remain valid). What makes this particular commissioned job extra special is that it uses my new found love for art journaling and combines it with the fun I’ve gotten out illustrating recipes, and stews them together deliciously!
Well to explain… A gentleman from well known newspaper Dinamalar, in Tamil Nadu, South India, asked if he would like to illustrate features for their lifestyle magazine, in the style he’d seen me use in my art journaling sketches and the recipes on TDAC. Well, what was there to say, except “YES!”
Here is the article, Dinamalar. Illustrations Niloufer Wadiano I can’t read it either, and below that a few of the illustrations up close. This one was a step-by-step for ‘How to De-seed a Watermelon”. ( In very, very short, the secret is to break pieces along the seed-line. )
The real dichotomy here was that I tried very hard to keep the illustrations relaxed and ‘sketch-like’ which after all is the style I presume they chose my work for, but obviously I really needed each sketch to turn out fairly ‘perfect’. That was a little stressful!sketch Niloufer WadiaAh, well, I hope there will be more assignments from them, and I hope I’ll loosen up some more.
I really need to say a huge thank you here to Cathy Johnson and the whole group at Artist’s Journal Workshop for getting me started and addicted, and being so amazingly encouraging. And Salli and Nate for their brilliant and very generous idea They Draw illustration Niloufer Wadiasketchand Cook. THANK YOU!

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