Vector Illustration for site banners

Half way through October, and no vector uploads at and not even any sketching and art journaling. I know there’s no excuse for the latter, 20 minutes is all it takes… ah well, but I haven’t, or at least, not more than 1 or 2 sketches. But I really have been busy, managing to do quite a bit of illustration lately. So I’ve just stopped by to get them uploaded here.
Two were for a lovely Kuwaiti teacher. It looks like the site isn’t really in action yet, but Vector illustration of teacherhere are the illustrations. A teacher at her desk and parents with their kid. vector illustration
I also did a the multitasking character and the banner of the blog Deb’s ‘Dash of Brilliance’. vector illustration - multi-tasking characterHere it is. That’s only a close-up of the vector illustration of course, you can check out the entire banner here.

Plus there’s been some fashion watercolors – got back to that medium after ages, and boy! is it tough when you can press CTRL Z – undo! undo! I’ll share that when I get permission from the client who commissioned them. And there’s my weekly cartoon strip, and more cartoons illustrating a book for the same people.

Like I said, I’ve been busy!

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