Thank you Stillman & Birn

For months now, I’ve been reading about beautiful sketchbooks from Stillman & Birn, especially of this Facebook group I’m part of. I haven’t heard anyone say anything negative at all! I wrote to them asking if they sold in India. No. Then I heard an aunt was sketchbook Niloufer Wadiacoming down from Canada, so I tried to have Amazon send her a package to bring. (shipping right to here could cost almost as much as the sketchbooks) No luck, they don’t ship these sketchbooks outside the USA.
Then, I entered my name for a draw and was one of the lucky winners for a Stillman & Birn Epsilon Sketchbook, and my package arrived last weekend with a very nice personalised letter! I figure they just got fed up of me inquiring again and again about the sketchbooks, and decided to see what I would actually DO. They also sent me a small box of watercolor crayons from Caran D’Ache – another product I didn’t even know existed!

Sigh! I’m still behaving like a kid with a Christmas gift. Haven’t yet dared do a sketch in it, just enjoying touching and admiring the beautiful paper. I’ve been almost 4 months off sketching, and isn’t it the truth, talent is great, sure, but practice is everything! Right now, I feel like my hand won’t do what my head is trying to make it! So I’m practicing again so every sketch in the new sketchbook is just perfect :) More updates when I actually get down to using it :)

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