More Sketching…

Yes, I’m saying it again, I’ve been very busy, blah, blah, blah… and I really haven’t done much. Added to that is the fact that scanning my sketchbook is a rather cumbersome chore.
The festive season here starts around the end of September, and once the celebrations ganpati sketchbegin, they don’t really end till the new year is at least a week in. At least, that’s how it feels sometimes :) First in is the Ganesh festival, celebrating the elephant headed God. I put in the photograph just to show how festive everything really is, but I’m still so uncomfortable sketching in public, I spent about 5 minutes before everyone arrived for the ‘aarti’, and then stopped. Meant to re-do it from the photos I took, but never did.
Then is Navratri and Durga Puja, which I didn’t sketch. Too public again.
dusshera sketches Nine days of festivity end with Dusserha. The basket was just the base of a small giveaway, filled with ethnic candles, glass bangles and a coconut. The full basket would have made a better picture, but I did this days later. The weave was fascinating. We put up the fairy lights around then and that’s the balcony in the dark just by fairy light. And tentative pigeon studies on my balcony banister along the bottom; I’m not sure who’s more scared, the pigeon or me!
Breakfast sketch I’m always fascinated by people’s sketches of their food. It always looks so good. I find I rarely have time once it’s placed on the table. This was a rare occasion. Not much needs to be said about the one below. I message to myself, sketches of various things lying around, done over 2 days and then I promptly ignored it for days after.
The next festival at end October was 3 days of Diwali, the festival of lights and of course fireworks. Noise and smoke everywhere. Luckily our little ones are still too scared, so we don’t do too many. Here I used the technique of using white wax crayon to leave out the
art journaling
whites that I read about, probably in Cathy Johnson’s book or blog or FaceBook page, loved the way it turned out. I would have probably been more careful with the shapes, – I really scribbled here, if I knew how great the effect was going to turn out.
Diwali sketch

clean up! art journaling
One page just given over to mindless doodling, to clear my head. I’m actually very fascinated by Sandra Strait’s Zentangle, not that I’ve got anywhere near, but that’s what was on my mind.
Niloufer doodling

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