More Acrylic Painting

Yes, another long gap, but at least I have something to show for it. Four new paintings, and of course they happened because of deadlines :)

The First Catch - © Niloufer Wadia

The First Catch - © Niloufer Wadia

Indian Art Collectors is an online art gallery on which I have some work; they’ve also sold a painting of mine. They’ve put together an exhibition in Mumbai called “Mumbaism”, and I was one of the artists invited to send in work. The fisher-woman I’d started months back and then it got set aside because something more urgent came up or other inspiration hit. When this subject came up, of course, it fit in just perfectly, the be-jeweled Koli Fisherfolk being almost synonymous with Mumbai.
New Age MumbaDevi - Niloufer Wadia

New Age MumbaDevi - © Niloufer Wadia

The other painting that went to the show is my new age version of the ‘orange, eight-armed’ Goddess Mumba-Devi, protector of Mumbai. Now this goddess is an avenger using modern weapons to fight her enemies. The show has just opened at the NCPA. Do visit if you’re in Mumbai. This link is for the work exhibited there. I don’t know how long it will be active of course.
Siesta - Niloufer Wadia

Siesta ©Niloufer Wadia

Simultaneously, I was invited to send in work for another exhibition, and when I was done with one and requested the address to which to dispatch it, they said, “O, please send a second one too”. I told them I needed a few days more since I had nothing ready and they seemed ok with it. As it happened, when i was done, and asked for the address yet again, I just got no answer. Weird people. That’s all I can say. Maybe I was too late, but still, just answer guys!
Radha Krishna ©Niloufer Wadia

Radha Krishna ©Niloufer Wadia

Anyhow, here they are – the two that are still with me. You can click on them to see much larger versions of them all.

Next on is a special commission for a dear friend. She asked me months back but tomorrow (hopefully!) I’ll put the canvas onto the easel! Goddess Durga. My very optimistic aim is to have it done by Dussera. Ahem to that!

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