Illustrations from memory lane

I was going through some old files, just cleaning up and tidying up my hard disk, not something I’m very good at, and came across these ancient artworks. This is from 2006, illustrations for an annual report for a cables company. illustrations for annual report Pretty self explanatory, pretty much what every annual report ends up saying, – ‘Riding the wave’, ‘we’re bullish on the market’, blah, blah. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at them, because I didn’t really think my Photoshopping skills or my CorelDraw skills were up to much back then, and I really like these, even if I do say so myself :). I do, of course, look at them now and see heaps of things I’d do different and better, but more importantly, it’s different stuff from what I’ve done lately, so it’s a good reminder to myself to do different stuff. Also I’m so hung up lately on doing the perfect vector, I’d forgotten about this kind of collage work.

And oh yes, a reminder to possible clients out there, – Hello! I do stuff like this too!

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