Hand drawn Illustration Challenge

I often start out with great intentions, when I see a competition or a challenge online. But this was a rare occasion when I actually saw the job through to the end.
This was my illustrated entry for Pratham Books’ 6 Frame Story Challenge. They provided a few simple story lines and participants could choose, or there were a whole lot of unconnected words and you could choose some to make your own story.

Niloufer Wadia
Niloufer Wadia
I got to hear about it pretty late into the Challenge and the deadline was already looming. So, though I actually started out with much simpler forms, and somehow managed to complicate them midway, I didn’t really have a chance to go back and change or re-do anything. The great thing though was, that apart from the characters which I love doing anyway, I needed to think each illustration through to the complete background, something I don’t always do.
Another thing I was pleased about is that though I get a fair number of illustration assignments, it’s rarely for hand drawn work. And I’m not very good at pro-actively working at a portfolio as I should.
All the 6 images are available here.

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