Gond Art

Niloufer Wadia - Gond ArtLast weekend, my little one and I did a mini workshop of Gond Tribal Art at Ayatana, a quaint and newly opened art gallery.
Gond Art is deceptively simple, the forms basic and not always easily interpreted. It certainly helps if there’s someone to explain its provenance. Though I’ve been to shows before, it took doung the workshop for me to actually appreciate all the nuances and the very intense work that goes into each piece of art. The tribals now work in acrylic paints and ink on canvas or paper, but of course the beginnings were on walls and with natural products. I don’t pretend to be an expert, but the basics revolve round choosing one form or pattern ( this book explains it brilliantly ) mostly natural, and as seen by the artists’ imagination, – such as water drops, bullock hooves, thatched roofs, scales, and then repeating it throughout their paintings which are usual based on folk-lore. The pattern then becomes a signature of the artist and another will not use it. Wikipedia would tell you lots more.
It was a great learning and I hope to incorporate it into my paintings perhaps or pass on the basics to the kids I teach. Certainly its incredibly absorbing and meditative.
This is my piece, barely 8×11 inches and it took me over 10 hours. Do check out the actual Gond art.

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