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The last fortnight, I’ve become almost obsessed by what is known as Art Journaling. When I was in college, it meant that mandatory sketch or two or three a day. We just did it. Now it’s hot and happening, and now that the internet has unveiled the exhibitionist facet in us all, everyone who can draw probably has one and wants to show it off. Incidentally, that includes yours truly!
I know that makes it sound like the same old complaint – too much irrelevant nonsense on the net, blah, blah blah… but that’s not it at all. ALL the art journals I’ve seen are superb! There’s a whole range of styles, and it’s very inspiring. I already covered one here actually, and since then, it’s been one after another.
Art JournalCathy Johnson’s Artists’ Journal Workshopeither grew out of, or was the basis of her recently launched book by the same name. (There are other artists involved too).
Urban SketchesThen there is Urban Sketchers – seeing the world one drawing at a time, which describes it so well :). It’s a blog that has member artists across the globe who sketch and upload art from their journals. I’m fascinated by every single artist’s style. The thing about the art journals is it makes you notice the most mundane, AND makes the ordinary beautiful. And of course, I’m equally fascinated by the fact that they just travel to draw and draw to travel! Sigh, the freedom of it! The images on the left are – from top – Benedetta Dossi, Laura Frankstone, Marc Holmes and Fred Lynch. These just happen to be a quick choice of the most recent uploads. Don’t stop, you can keep clicking through forever, especially since most of these artists have their own art blogs too.

LAPIN-Art JournalA special mention for Lapin. He is part of both the sites I’ve already mentioned, and his blog is in French, but it’s impossible not to be fascinated by his sketches that he chooses to do on old accounting books! In his words he’s “a french illustrator, living in Barcelona, and traveling daily with my sketchbooks”.

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  1. Thank you! You picked some of my favorite sketches! And yes, the blog grew out of the book, which grew out of the classes I give online (when I’ve got the chance–and the energy), which grew out of journaling myself for 40 years and writing LOTS of articles about the process over the decades.

    I created the blog (and then the Facebook group) to continue the work of sharing, and I’m very happy to see you there!

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