Art Classes for Kids

I’ve finally begun what I’ve wanted to do for years. Hold art classes for kids.

Unfortunately, art and craft is seen these days as just an extra, playing around, a waste of time. And the classes are all too quickly dropped out of that very busy timetable that art classes for kidskids have at school. Art widens imagination and enhances creativity, concentration and motor skills. It’s also incredibly de-stressing, and I’d love to hear of anyone who doesn’t think that all of us, kids today included, need some quite, relaxed time inside their heads.

When I say art, I really am not talking about hard work, huge talent or some very serious training directed towards professionalism. I’m talking about pure fun way of expressing yourself – particularly in smaller or more introverted children who don’t know how to do so verbally, getting hands dirty, learning simple techniques that can be applied to other things, and making time to create something without any stress. It’s the reason adults doodle. It clears the mind.

Needless to say, adults can benefit from art in a big way. Even those who say, “I can’t draw a straight line.” Who’s asking for straight lines? That’s geometry. I hope to take classes for them too someday, but not yet…

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